Integrated Surveillance System

Asktecelv managed video Surveillance provides an automated interface with complete video analytics like motion detection, alerting, remote web interface, simultaneous record & playback, scheduled activity, device control, and flexible display options. And also has an ability to customize camera and storage settings as per the business requirements.

We provide extensive system integration solutions comprising of Public Address System, Access Control System, CCTV, Fire Alarm System, EPABX, Data, Wireless Communication and Talk Back System

Network is backbone of business applications and forms most important component to run the business. Asktecelv supports the entire lifecycle services for Network starting from Supply, Maintain and Manage. Both packaged as well as customized services are offered for Network. Asktecelv act as single point of contact.


  • End to End Video Surveillance service: Cameras, Central infrastructure & Licenses
  • It enhances the solution by local monitoring and storage
  • Remote viewing through web based portal
  • Easy control through centralized server & application platform
  • Scalability: easy scalable in terms of number of locations as well as number of cameras
  • Intelligent Mechanism: The systems also supports intelligent mechanism like number plate reading face detection etc
  • Remote Monitoring: it enables us view the entire monitoring system from remote location
  • Secured Communication: the entire Surveillance system is done over the MPLS/VPN network
  • Wireless Capability: we can also support wireless cameras used for monitoring
  • Advanced IP routing and switching
  • Network Management: we can assist you with entire network management
  • Voice over IP: voice can be supported over our MPLS/VPN network
  • Video conferencing; video can be run over our MPLS/VPN network to communication better
  • Telepresence: video solution that helps you accelerating decision making & reduces your travel cost
  • LAN and WAN connectivity (network cabling, wireless connectivity): helps you connect across the local and wide area network
  • Application installation and support: we help you install and manage applications

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