Information & Communications Technology

The use of information and communication technology (ICT) continues to increase worldwide, accelerating the flow of information and boosting key services. However, much of its potential as a driver of development is still untapped.

Integrated Surveillance System

Asktecelv managed video Surveillance provides an automated interface with complete video analytics like motion detection, alerting, remote web interface, simultaneous record & playback, scheduled activity, device control, and flexible display options.

Building Management System

Asktecelv is a pioneering installer and solution provider in building and energy management systems. We provide total solution for commercial, institutional and other various portfolios.

Smart Home Automation

Home automation is exactly what it sounds like: automating the ability to control items around the house—from window shades to pet feeders—with a simple push of a button (or a voice command).


Using the latest technological innovations, Asktecelv affects thousands of people every day, providing a positive impact on public, corporate, health care and education systems all over the country.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a smart visual communication solution for businesses that want to engage with their audiences, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

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