ASKTECELV has been setup with a mission to develop unique, novel, agile and technocommercially viable technologies in the area of Extra Low Voltage (ELV), Internet Communication tolls (ICT) & IT Enable Services (ITES) in co-ordination with all stake holders.

As engineers, we have spent much of our career working with large engineering and construction companies. We have experienced serious shortage of enterprises which are competent, committed , updated with heterogeneous ELV, ICT & ITES technology trends, align itself to a rapidly changing business ecosystems on designing and delivering complex project. That company didn’t exist and so this is where ASKTECELV began. We had a clear vision of delivering innovative projects in Real-estate, Construction, Hospitality, Retail and Education industry in a simple way whereby the solutions would speak for themselves

We are proud to say that ASKTECELV is founded on these principles and implements integrated engineering,security and technology projects every day. Our approach is our strength.We believe that the most important aspect of our business is creating value for our clients and building trustworthy partnership.

Our Experience

Built on a solid reputation and exceptional expertise, our clients around the country can count on us to provide solutions that work, are affordable and will be supported for years to come by.

Our Staff

We are a team of 25 people including Admin, Technical, Service and Support. Growing from strength to strength each of our staff is technically skilled and expertise in System Integration.

Our Commitment

ASKTECELV believes in the fundamental principles of Excellence, Integrity and Vision. We strive to provide innovative solutions for the security market we serve. We conduct our business ethically and with our customer’s best interests in mind.